Charms and Pendants

These charms and pendants are for the chains that I have or that you have and just want to add something to it. You get one free with the purchase of a chain.  If you purchase the pendants separately, they are $8.  If you purchase the charms separately, they are $3.

You can also make the charms into earrings, at a cost of $8 per pair.  If you prefer a longer pair, then you can do the pendants (if I have more than one of them), at a cost of $10 per pair.

There are many to choose from. Way too many to list in this description. You’ll just have to look through the images and decide which one you want.

There are a few that can be used only as pendants, as they are either too big for use as a charm or there is only one of these items. There are also some that are only good as earrings, but I will let you decided that, as my way of thinking is not everyone else’s way of thinking. I will put that in their description.

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(1321) Metal Enamel Ladybug Clover Charm

Ladybug Clover Charms


(501) Large Bronze Heart Pendant

Large Bronze Heart


(717) Lighthouse Pendant

Lighthouse Pendant


(845) Madonna & Child Rosary Connector Pendant

Madonna and Child Rosary Connector Pendant


(1345) Music Staff Charm

Music Staff Charm


(182) Natural Florida Shell Pendant - Front

Natural Florida Shell Pendant


(1350) Open Swirl Necklace Connector Charm

Open Swirl Connector Charm


(161) Peace Coin Wreath Pendant - Front

Peace Coin Wreath Pendant


(1317) Metal Enamel Penguin Ear Muffs Charm

Penguin Earmuffs Charm


(1323) Metal Enamel Penguin Head Charm

Penguin Head Charm


(1315) Metal Enamel Penguin Scarf Charm

Penguin Scarf Charm


(1334) Pewter Wing Charm

Pewter Wing Charm


(1330) Pink Enamel Teardrop Charm

Pink Enamel Teardrop Charms


(1331) Metal Enamel Pink Flower Charm

Pink Flower Charm


(842) Pink Horn Pendant

Pink Horn Pendant


(514) Pink Stone Wire Wrapped Pendant

Pink Stone Wire Wrapped Pendant