This is the main jewelry category where you will see all the different types of jewelry that I have.

Below you will find every section in my “Jewelry” category here on this page.  All you have to do is click the image of the section you’d like to go to, and you will be taken directly to it.  This helps for those of us who can’t scroll (and that’s been fixed also).

I have many different types of jewelry.  Some of which I didn’t make.  Others that were patterns in either cross-stitch, plastic canvas, or bead books.  If I got the patterns from any of the three above listed places, you will find this information in their description.

If you’re into Paparazzi, I have that here as well.  Look around and enjoy yourself, and if you find something you like.  Please, by all means buy it, as it may not be there the next time you look.

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(18) MOM Keychain Metallic Lime

“MOM” Key Chain Metallic Lime


(14) MOM Keychain Metallic Orange

“MOM” Key Chain Metallic Orange



“Stone Lagoon” Blue Earrings


(1342) Metal Enamel # 1 Mom Star Charm

# 1 MOM Metal Enamel Star Charm


(196) # 1 Mom Star Earrings

# 1 MOM Star Earrings


(195) # 1 Mom Star Key Chain Fob

# 1 MOM Star Key Chain


(97) Bronze Heart Pendant Necklace

18″ Sterling Silver Plated Bronze Heart Pendant Necklace


(301) Pirate Charm Necklace

2-Strand Pirate Charm Necklace


(99) Bird Watch 8

7″ Bird Watch


(53) AB Clear Round Green Christmas Earrings

AB Clear Round Green Red Earrings


(544) AB Amber, Brown, Clear Earrings

AB Topaz Wire Earrings


(1365A) Acrylic Faceted Bracelet

Acrylic Faceted Bracelets


(200) Red White Blue Faceted Necklace Bracelet Earrings Set

Acrylic Faceted RWB Bracelet, Earrings, Necklace Set


(42) Peppermint_Candy_Earrings

Acrylic Peppermint Candy Earrings


(517) Small Amber Pendant

Amber Bead Pendant


(5) Amber Cube Filigree Teardrop Earrings

Amber Cube Filigree Teardrop Earrings