Children or Adults

In this category, I have tried to put items that I feel could be used by either an adult or a child. I decided to make this category after my cousin Tabitha decided to wear some of the children’s jewelry I sent downstate to her for her Fundraiser earlier this year.

It gave me the idea that maybe some of my jewelry, although intended for a child aged 8 and above, could also work for many adults who like the simple pony bead jewelry.

I hope you like this category.

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(1365A) Acrylic Faceted Bracelet

Acrylic Faceted Bracelets

$8.00 $4.00

(107) Childrens Gold Hoop Bracelet

Childrens Gold Hoop Bracelet

$10.00 $5.00

(23) Orange Star Necklace

Orange Star Necklace

$8.00 $4.00

(1364) Acrylic Purple Lustre Bracelet

Purple Lustre Bracelet

$8.00 $4.00