Name Bracelets

These bracelets are made with either child safe clasps or other clasps that I have. Please know the difference in the clasps when you get something for a child. Most all of my child safe clasps have small black hooks on both ends so that they just hook together and if caught on something come right apart. There are also purple child safe clasps that, when tugged on, will also come right apart. A lot of my children’s bracelets also have lobster claw clasps. These are so that the ADULT has to put them on and take them off, so please be aware of this fact.

All my bracelets recently have been made with fishing line. If I can’t break them with as much strength as it takes to tie fishing line, then your child should not be able to break them unless they CUT them.

Also, I am NOT responsible for any jewelry you buy and give to a child that is under the age of 8 who is STILL chewing on things. If you give it to your child that is younger than that, then be responsible and watch that child while it is wearing any type of jewelry, not just mine.

Small beads are a choking hazard. Please be aware of this.

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