This is where you will find Paparazzi Jewelry. I did NOT purchase these items. They were given to me to sell. They have not been worn. The person that gave them to me, did not like them once she got them. Or she had duplicates of them.


I do not sell Paparazzi other than what is given to me to sell.

Any tarnishing of these items is to be directed to Paparazzi themselves, as I am not responsible for it.

As stated above, I did not purchase these items, they were give to me.

Also, I have named some of these my own names, as they were not named on the envelopes when I got them. If you sell Paparazzi and you know the exact name of the item I have, please by all means, let me know and I will change the name of the item.

All Paparazzi is $5, just like you see it being sold elsewhere for that same price. I’m not changing anything that is Paparazzi, all I’m doing is selling it for a friend.

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