This is where you will find Paparazzi Jewelry. Some of these I did NOT purchase. They are all new.  The ones I didn’t purchase were given to me by my sister because she purchased (accidentally) a duplicate of something she already had.

When you see NE in the title of a piece, it means Necklace & Earring Set.  I really do get tired of typing it all out after doing 1,000+ pieces of jewelry on my site.


I do not sell Paparazzi.

Any tarnishing of these items is to be directed to Paparazzi themselves, as I am not responsible for it.

I have been told that Paparazzi Jewelry tarnishes in water, and that it is best NOT to wear your jewelry in any type of water (shower, bath, beach, ocean, etc).

I have named some of these my own names, as they were not named on the envelopes when I got them. If you sell Paparazzi and you know the exact name of the item I have, please, by all means, let me know and I will change the name of the item.

All Paparazzi is $5 (Necklace & Earring Sets and Bracelets that match them, are sold separately.  This is how Paparazzi does it.), just like you see it being sold elsewhere for that same price. I’m not changing anything that is Paparazzi.  Also, the earrings that are sold alone are $3 each, and the rings are $1 each.

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“Island Rose” Pink Earrings



“Let Me Sea” Orange Bracelet



“Royal Treatment” White Earrings



“V” Crystal Chain Tassel Necklace



“What Happens In Maui” Blue Earrings


Bar Crystal Necklace Earrings Set

Bar Crystal NE Set



Black Faceted NE Set



Blue Snowflake Earrings



Coral NE Set



Crystal & Mirror NE Set



Hammered Hoop Earrings



Sea Green Pearl Earrings


Surprise Me Paparazzi

Surprise Me



Unicorn NE Set