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In this category, you will find all of my patterns that are for sale.

All patterns are priced according to how many pages they are.  Each pattern costs anywhere between $0.19 per page up to $0.99 per page.

About my patterns…

  1.  Not all of my patterns have instructions for pendant bails, ear wire hoops, or bracelet clasps.  If you want them, I can provide them.
  2. You will find individual PDF files for most of my patterns.
  3.   You will find a pair of PDF files for some of my earrings, as the program that I use for making my patterns, doesn’t allow me to put both the brick tops & the loom/peyote bottom in the same pattern.  These patterns are sold as a set, with the top of the pattern being sold as a free item with the bottom.

All of my patterns were either made strictly by me, or from either cross stitch patterns or plastic canvas patterns or like my wall hangings, they were made from FREE images off the Internet.

If they are adapted from a cross stitch pattern or a plastic canvas pattern, and you recognize who did the cross-stitch/plastic canvas pattern, please let me know so I may credit them with their original work.

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Alchemy Bracelet Loom Pattern


Alchemy Symbol Bracelet or Pendant

Alchemy Symbol Bracelet



Alchemy Symbol Pendant Loom Pattern


American Rose Lighter Cover, Peyote

American Rose Lighter Cover, Peyote


American Rose Pendant, 2-Drop Peyote

American Rose Pendant, 2-Drop Peyote Pattern


Ankhet Bracelet 1

Ankhet Bracelet, Odd Count Peyote Pattern


Ankhet Pendant

Ankhet Pendant, Loom Pattern


Aquarius Earrings & Pendant, Peyote

Aquarius Bracelet, Earrings, & Pendant, Odd Count Peyote Pattern Set


Aquarius Bracelet

Aquarius Bracelet, Peyote Pattern


Aquarius Earrings, Peyote

Aquarius Earrings, Peyote Pattern


Aquarius Pendant, Peyote

Aquarius Pendant, Peyote Pattern


Autumn Leaves Peyote Bracelet, 2

Autumn Leaves Bracelet # 2, Odd Count Peyote



Cats Eyes Wall Hanging-Red, Peyote Pattern



Christmas Ornament Earrings # 3 (Red), Peyote Pattern



Christmas Ornament Earrings # 4 (Blue), Peyote Pattern



Christmas Ornament Earrings # 5 (Silver), Peyote Pattern